Jane Austen’s Bath

Apparently Miss Austen hated Bath. I rather liked it, but she wasn’t there on a holiday to explore the sites mentioned by one of her favorite classic authors. And while she lived there, her fortune continued to decrease such that she had to move to less and less comfortable houses.

Here’s the house Jane lived in when she was staying with her brother Edward in Queen Square. Her bedroom is the one right at the top over the front door.

Other houses she lived in looked much the same, on the outside at least. Here are her first address in Bath, and the house where her father died. It’s really hard to tell them apart, isn’t it.

Though she never lived there, I was also keen to get a glimpse of Westgate Buildings, only¬† because it was denounced by Sir Walter Elliot, in Persuasion, as being unfit for his daughter to visit. I suppose he had his reasons, but I couldn’t see a problem.

westgate buildings

Westgate Buildings

I would have posted a video of the gravel walk leading to the Royal Crescent but it turns out I need a premium plan for that. Ah, all in good time….